The Real Nutcracker Story

Here’s to generations of moms – the ones who raise us, the ones who care for us, the ones who take us in as their own. The love you give and the memories we share touch our hearts and lives forever.

A Story 50 years in the making…

Susan, at the age of 21, met Ballet Lubbock’s founder Suzanne Aker in a PE ballet class at Texas Tech University in 1969.

“I knew there was something so very special about her. Yes, she was a wonderful dance teacher, but it went way beyond that for me. Her mantra of ‘Never quit moving,’ became my mantra and I cannot count the times I have thought of this and repeated it to others.

Two years after that class experience, I found out she was teaching an adult class right around the corner from where I was living at that time. I started a class with her, and once again, she proved to be an inspiration and motivating force to ‘Always keep moving.’

When my daughter, Alexis, began with Ballet Lubbock and Suzanne Aker at age 5, I was not surprised to see Suzanne had hardly changed at all. The light and love were still there in her face and beautiful smile. My daughter fell under her spell as well and she loved her classes with Suzanne. Alexis learned the beauty and discipline of the dance, thanks to Suzanne.”

Alexis performed in The Nutcracker many times under the direction of Suzanne Aker. Her most vivid memories are of performing as a Polichinelle – one of the children who emerge from Mother Ginger.

Alexis now brings her daughter Sloan to Ballet Lubbock. Sloan is a Ballet Lubbock Student of the Year, and this year, fifty years after her grandmother first met Suzanne Aker, she will perform in The Nutcracker as, of course, a Polichinelle.

In many ways Ballet Lubbock’s story is Susan, Alexis, and Sloan’s story.

In many ways Ballet Lubbock’s story is your story.

We invite you to share your story with us here: memories, photos, and traditions.

After all, your stories are what make The Nutcracker, The Nutcracker.