Specifically designed for those on the autism spectrum or with Down Syndrome and other specialized needs, Dance Abilities blends classical ballet technique and music activities within a fun, positive, and empowering atmosphere. Our program curriculum is modeled after Boston Ballet’s Adaptive Dance Program, and all instructors are trained by a board-certified Behavior Analyst. Read more about our instructor training process.

Currently, Ballet Lubbock’s Dance Abilities classes are available at McKenzie Middle School and at High Point Village.

If you would like to have Dance Abilities at your schools please contact our Adaptive Dance Manager, Misty Seay: Misty@Balletlubbock.org.

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Benefits of Dance:

Sensory Benefits: Touch and body contact enhances social and emotional development. For example, body contact with the floor stimulates skin nerve receptors, which enhances body-in-space awareness.

Motor Benefits: Improves balance and synchronization of movements. Movement coordination between people has been shown via fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) to improve behavior and boost mood, memory performance, and cooperation.

Cognitive Benefits: Enhances learning, attention, memory and problem solving skills.

Social and Emotional Benefits: Promotes teamwork, encourages empathy, provides an emotional outlet, and strengthens sensory awareness. Improves independence, coping skills, and teamwork.

Rhythmic Benefits: Dance enhances visual, sensory, and auditory rhythm in the brain. Rhythmic activity causes the entire brain to function in synchrony.

Creative Benefits: Self expression causes the brain to form new connections, which increases problem solving abilities and the ability to think “out of the box”, helping to develop imagination and self confidence.