Ballet Lubbock at Buddy Holly Hall

The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences is a cultural hub of Lubbock and the cornerstone of downtown revitalization, in addition to fueling the economy for years to come.

Key amenities of The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences include a 2,300-seat main performance hall; 425-seat small theater; a 6,000 square-foot multi-purpose room; a full-service bistro; and Ballet Lubbock.

Ballet Lubbock is an important resident of the campus, operating the 22,000 square-foot dance center located in the North-East wing.

Ballet Lubbock boasts six dance studios, parent and community space, production areas, and administrative offices – all feet from the world-class stage.

Jana Abston
Rula Al-Hmoud
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Brad and Jennifer Andrews
Vibeth and Alejandro Atienza
Joan Baker
Wendy and Nevan Baldwin
Bank of America
Betsy and Mark Bass
Jessica and Jason Bell
Sarah and Clayton Bevers
Jan and Winford Bradley
Jennifer and Robert Brashear
Laurie And Jeff Brehmer
Haley and Dustin Brooks
Shannon Brown
Ginger and Don Bundock
Dawn and Jim Burke
Kathleen and Eric Burrell
Elizabeth and Dustin Burrows
Charlotte and Larry Burt
Terri and Mike Byrne
Julia and Darrin Camp
Bobby and Ann Capps
Brenda and Bill Carter
Mari Cerda
Chicken Express
Linda and Justin Clark
Jonnie Delle Cogdell
Stephanie Colbert-Gutierrez
Laura Cook
Covenant Health
Pat and David Cowan
Sarah and Wade Cypert
Vanessa and Jeremy Dalton
Kendall and Nick Daniel
Beth Dannenberg
Ginger and Richard Davila
Adam Davis
Renee and Calvin Davis
Lisa Davis
James Dembowski
Lou Dunn Diekemper
Elena and Nicholas Dragga
Sam and Linda Dragga
Sara Dulin
Leigh Anne Jimmy Dunlap
LaDonna and Shon Elliott
Amy and Brian Etchison
Harold Evensky and Deena Katz
Evensky & Katz Wealth Management
Mary Underwood Farrimond
Kathleen and Stephen Faulk
Jayne and Mike Field
Kimberly and Brian Fisher
Wendoli Flores
Angela Frisbie
Jenni and Rob Gaines
Cheryl Brooks Gamache
George and Claudia Garza
Brianna Gerardi
Kali van Gilder
Janeen and John Gilliam
Patrick Giron
Rhonda and Alberto Giussani
Kevin Glasheen
Sandy and John Gomez
R.E. Janes Gravel
Aimee and Chad Gray
Claudia and Mark Griffin
Kerry Griffis-Kyle
Lori and Chris Griffith
Christy and Russell Hale
The Honorable Wes and Natalie Hendrix
Jane and Jack Henry
Melyn and Ryan Henry
Henry Stephen
Shyrle and K.W. Hill
Terry Hoopman
Anne and Joe Horkey
Gary and Kim Hudson
Christine and Trace Hunt
Amy and Marque Hunter
Natalie and Chad Inderman
Lory and Rob Ioppolo
Hannah and Mike Jackson
Natalia and Andrew Jackson
Mindi and Dusty Janssen
Somer and Jeff Jaynes
Michele and Bedford Jones
Anna Johnston
Caroline and Matt Jordan
Setzler Joshua
JSW Advisory Group
Angela and William Juett
Katherin Underwood Juett
Gwynne Underwood Juett
Kristin and Roger Karr
Brigitte kermarquer
Stacy and Douglas Kern
Yvonne and Tim Key
Carol King
Doug Klepper and Terry Hawkins
Jacquie Knight
Stacey and Robert Kollman
Norma Krug
Amanda Kuhn
Claire and Wyatt Leavell
Michelle and Ryan Lewis
Leslie and Brett Lieberman
Helen and Ted Liggett
Liggett Law Group, P.C.
Zhengying Liu
Amy and Michael Loftin
David Long
Chris Loveless
Paula and Kurt Loveless
Patty and Jim Lupton
Lubbock Music Teachers Association
Lubbock National Bank
Patti and Jim Lupton
Kathryn and Jeff Marshall
Daphne Masson
Angela and Tim Mazzolini
Amanda McAfee
Martha Ann and Mike McDonald
McDougal Companies
Missy and Allen McInnes
Ethel and Don McLeod
Kelli and Jason Medina
Velma and Sam Medina
Susannah and Clay Mercer
Merrill Lynch
Susan and Don Maddox
Susan Millsap
Rayan Mingo
Megan Mitchell
Emily Moore
Rebecca and Michael Moss
Cathy and Reza Mousavi
Amy Najjar
Wendy and Charlie Needham
Sara and Christopher Neel
Shelley and Burt Nelson
Alison and Brian Nicholson
Nancy and Jay Norton
Taylor & Justin Noseff
Kathy and Luke Oaks
Liesl Olson
Emily & Ryan Owen
Ashleigh and Glendon Paulk
Deborah and George Payne
Kristen Pesina
Debbie Petty
Kim and Jonathan Phillips
Lauren and Justin Pinkston
Elena and Adrian Popan
Denise and Dan Pope
Pratas Family Charitable Trust
The Racz Family
Laurie and Jahan Rasty
Margaret and Eddie Randle
Shauna and Cole Roberts
Jane Rowley and Randy Kinnison
Carolyn and Mike Rowley
Holly and Charlie Russell
Katie and John Salter
Ann Sanders
Dwight Sanders
Cindy and Joseph Schmidt
Lyle and Field Scovell
Nichole and Chris Shanklin
Patsy Sharbutt
Lana Sharif
Nancy and Scott Sharp
Shirley Ann Sharp
Deborah Silverthorn
Sarah and Jon Skelton
Sherrill and Charles Skibell
Jerod Slay
Bryan Smitherman
Ruth Spencer
Shanna and James St. Clair
Diana and Chris St. Clair
Beth and Gary Staley
Christy Starnes
Devin & Colton Street
Cindy and John Streit
Lauren Sullivan
Ann and Joe Thacker
The CH Foundation
Todd Thompson
Tina and Terrell Thompson
Yvette and Rafael Tomacruz
Idris Rhea Traylor
Milica Trindade
Harris Underwood
Adrianne Underwood
Amy Hopkins Underwood
Alexandra Underwood
The Trinity Company
Louise Hopkins Underwood
Alyssa Underwood Surles
Sue Valdine
Teresa Reffreger and Alejandro Verdugo
Holly and Jeff Vinson
Laura and Mark Vinson
Sarah and Noah Wakefield
Camie and Matthew Wade
Welborn-Payne Endowment
Tom West
Jamie Whittenburg
Leslie and Ken Williams
Mrs. Erin and Mr. Chris Wilson
Lola and Tom Windisch
Kara and Jason Wischmeyer
Tim and Amanda Wooten
Bob and Carolyn Wooten
Paris and Nathaniel Wright