We honor those who have chosen to make Ballet Lubbock part of their lives, whether through dance, music, direction, or dedication. Meet the people of Ballet Lubbock, our family.

The Families of Ballet Lubbock are the lifeblood of the organization. Our families are the reason we exist, and the driving force behind all we do.

Families make significant commitments: They pay tuition, families drive to the studio (sometimes twice to get that forgotten ballet slipper), purchase dancewear, and volunteer over 2,000 hours each year ensuring Ballet Lubbock thrives. Families give encouragement at the studio, guidance at home, and cheers at the theatre. Families are there through it all, and quite simply, make Ballet Lubbock, Ballet Lubbock.

We couldn’t do it with you – nor would we want to.


All Ballet Lubbock parents and guardians are members of The Parent Network and have the opportunity to take an active role in supporting the goals and activities of the school and students. The Parent Network supports and promotes Ballet Lubbock, its dancers, parents, and staff through a variety of volunteer activities and events through the season – volunteering over 2,000 hours each year saving the organization well over $30,000 each year.

As a nonprofit, quality volunteers are crucial to the success of our school and community productions so we invite all parents to become active volunteers and participate in activities we do throughout the season.