Relevé Society

The Relevé Society is a special group of Friends of the Ballet that show their support through a recurring monthly donation.

Recurring donations provide a predictable source of revenue to fund the year-round education and outreach programs that change lives and enrich our community. Recurring donations ensure our program growth is sustainable.

Relevé is a classical ballet term meaning “raised,” thus a fitting name for the people who raise up those around them.

Relevé Society members enjoy all of the standard Friends of the Ballet benefits*, PLUS:

  •      Priority access to Open Barre events
  •      Exclusive Relevé Society glassware
  •      And other special perks each season!

*Friends of the Ballet benefits are determined based on total annual giving.

Relevé Society Members

Kimberly Akins

Sharon and Byrnie Bass

Haley and Dustin Brooks

Kathleen and Eric Burrell

Julia and Darrin Camp

Denise Chumley

Darla Croom

Meg Davis

Audra and Miles Day

Corbin DeSpain

Patti and Jim Douglass

Marylyn and Paul Douthit

Nicholas Dragga

Helen Duncum

Treva and Darrell Ellison

Timothy Futrell

Janeen and John Gilliam

Aimee and Chad Gray

Mindy and Les Hatch

Melynn and Ryan Henry

Shyrle and K.W. Hill

Amy and Marque Hunter

Michele Jones

Stacy and Douglas Kern

Amanda Kuhn

Bobby D. Lee

Paige Lollar

Susannah and Clay Mercer

Cathy and Reza Mousavi

Sara and Christopher Neel

Yvonne Racz

Sharon Robinson

Holly and Charles Russell

Jacqueline Sanders

Nancy and Scott Sharp

Jessica Smith

Diana and Chris St. Clair

Beth and Gary Staley

Lauren Sullivan

Lindzi Timberlake

Jamel Vaughn

Laura and Mark Vinson

Leon Williams and Elise Browne

Heidi Winkler

Paris and Nathaniel Wright