Relevé is a classical ballet term meaning “raised.”


The Relevé Society is a special group of Friends of the Ballet that show their support and raise up those around them through recurring monthly donations.

Recurring donations provide a predictable source of revenue to fund the year-round education and outreach programs that change lives and enrich our community. Recurring donations ensure our program growth is sustainable.

Relevé Society members enjoy all of the standard Friends of the Ballet benefits*, PLUS:

  • Priority access to Open Barre events
  • Exclusive Relevé Society glassware
  • And other special perks each season!

*Friends of the Ballet benefits are determined based on total annual giving.

Relevé Society Members

Joel Acevedo
Cristi Acrey
Kimberly Akins
Margo Boyd
Elise Browne and Leon Williams
Kathleen and Eric Burrell
Julia and Darrin Camp
Bobby and Ann Capps
Samantha Chumley
Melina Conner
Sarah Cude
Meg Davis
Audra and Miles Day
Kendra Donaho
Helen Duncum
Karen Esquibel
Jennifer Frederick
Timothy Futrell
Jenni and Rob Gaines
Loretta Garza
Cheryl Genescritti
Janeen Gilliam
Patrick Giron
Lisa and Clint Gregg
Amy and Jason Grisham
Christy and Russell Hale
Carolyn Hatton
Robin And Jeremy Hawkins
Laura Henderson
Natalie and Wes Hendrix
Melynn and Ryan Henry
Jewel Hill
Shyrle and K.W. Hill
Valerie and Glenn Hill

Heather and Mark Hocker
Marcia Hoelting Kern
Theanna Holland
Janice Huckabay
Alice Jones
Jacqueline Kolosov
Amanda Kuhn
Kendra Lane
Bobby D. Lee
Diana Lewallen
Leslie and Brett Lieberman
Debbie and Philip Littlejohn
Paige Lollar
Anna Lovering
Marianna Markham
Kelli and Jason Medina
Susannah and Clay Mercer
Tim Miller
Jay Moore
Anna Mora
Julia Morton
Cathy and Reza Mousavi
Della and Robert Murray
Sara and Christopher Neel
Traci Odom
Joyce Olivares
Reagan Olivo
Rebecca and Mack Owen
Teri and Drew Payne
Juan Pena
Kim and Jonathan Phillips
Brad Phipps
Debi Quintero
Enid and Gabor Racz

Penny Reinart
Belva J. Reno
Michelle and Edgar Rollins
Tamara Rose
Holly and Charlie Russell
Jessica and Isagani Saculo
Kerri Schoonvelt
Chris Scioli
Nancy and Scott Sharp
Belva Sikes
Jessica Smith
Justin Smith
Bobbie Sorensen
Diana and Chris St. Clair
Beth and Gary Staley
Shane Strawbridge
Monique Swartz
Lindzi Timberlake
Brittany Todd
Treva and Darrell Ellison
Brianne and Ian van Reenen
Leslie and Jamel Vaughn
Laura and Mark Vinson
Sarah and Noah Wakefield
Carol K & Scotty Walker
Linda and Paul Walter
Michelle and Dylan Ward
Rachel and Cameron West
Meagan Wied
Meggan Wilkes
Emily Wilkinson
Heidi Winkler
Paris and Nathaniel Wright

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