This class introduces Jazz dance technique. Dancers can choose Jazz as an addition to Ballet or as an alternate form of dance.

Jazz is open to current and new students ages 9 years old and up pending a placement evaluation from the Artistic Director and/or the Jazz instructor.


• Monthly Installment: $87.50 / month

• Total Annual Tuition: $700.00 ($350 for Spring semester only)

When you register your dancer, you are automatically enrolled in an 8-month payment plan. Payments are drafted on the 15th of each month (or the following business day) from September – April. Alternate payment schedules are available. Please contact Business Manager Meg Davis for further details.


MONDAYS | 6:15 – 7:15 p.m. | Geneva Griffin Studio

Dress Code

FOR MALES: White form-fitted t-shirt, black form-fitted t-shirt, footless black leggings or tights. Jazz shoes/sneakers, any style or brand allowed.

FOR FEMALES: Black camisole leotard, black footless tights or leggings. Jazz shoes/sneakers, any style or brand allowed.

Class attire available through Ballet Lubbock or Discount Dance. Similar leotard styles allowed, no unattached skirt.

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