Welcome to Ballet Lubbock!

Whether you are a student, parent, or audience member, we think you’ll find Ballet Lubbock a rich and engaging dance experience.

Ballet Lubbock is first a dance school of classical ballet, complete with a school wide curriculum.

nickBut, more than just technique, we are a school that teaches the creative process, discipline, focus, and commitment. Thus, our greatest successes occur off the stage. – Nicholas Dragga, Executive Director

yvonneOur graduates, regardless of whether they pursue dance professionally, become young adults who have learned life skills, and the reward of creating for and with their community.  – Yvonne Racz Key, Artistic Director

It is through creating for our community where we hope to engage audiences of all ages and circumstance. Our performances – from the intimacy of Open Barres to the grandeur of The Nutcracker – are our attempt to enhance the quality of life on the South Plains. We want to provide meaningful, celebratory, and thought provoking experiences that will create smiles and memories for generations.

Whether you want to be a part of the school, take dance recreationally as an adult, or enjoy the magic, athleticism and beauty of our performances from the audience, Ballet Lubbock has a place for you.

Join us as we strive to transform our community through dance. Join us as we strive to inspire our neighbors. Join us as we strive to change lives.