Friends and family share the impact Ballet Lubbock has had on their lives.

“My daughter has faced & conquered several significant personal challenges. Through it all, everything was beautiful at Ballet Lubbock.”

Jennifer Hannersparent

“We are putting Lubbock on the map.”

Lori WilsonProfessional Dancer, St. Louis Ballet

“Ballet Lubbock have helped shape a community where I want to live.”

Amanda Kuhnbusiness owner

“We are invincible. When i perform, nothing can hurt me.”

Annie Martindancer

“Ballet lubbock gave me permission to be myself.”

Angela Leedancer

“Ballet lubbock have given my daughter commitment, determination & confidence.”

Les Hatchfather & texas district judge

“Ballet lubbock challenged me to be somebody different, somebody better.”

Bashaun Williamsprofessional dancer, ririe-woodbury

“I had the will, ballet lubbock gave me the way.”

Natalia Johnsonprofessional dancer & teacher

“Ballet lubbock taught me to love me for who i am.”

Natalie Chestnuttdancer

“Ballet lubbock showed me i have something to offer.”

Sidney Loftindancer