Meg Davis

Business Manager

Meg Davis began working with Ballet Lubbock in August of 2017 and took on the role of Business Manager in July of 2018. Meg is passionate about ensuring that arts education—which she firmly believes is life education—is available to young people across the South Plains and beyond. She believes that “art is food. You can’t eat it, but it feeds you…It needs to be everywhere because it is inside of the world.” (Bread and Puppet Theatre Group manifesto, 1984.)

Prior to her move to Lubbock, she received her master’s degree in Theatre History and Theory at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2013, and she completed her bachelor’s degree at Middle Tennessee State University’s Honors College as a Buchanan Fellow in 2011. She completed coursework required for a PhD in Theatre History, Theory, and Criticism at Texas Tech University and subsequently experienced a shift in priorities.

Meg enjoys creating and serving communities through the arts. She is a fan of collaborative creation and storytelling, and she is particularly passionate about Dungeons and Dragons as a vehicle for communitas and collaborative arts-based healing.