Each summer Ballet Lubbock offers two Summer workshops.

A summer intensive is held at the beginning of June for the Intermediate to Advanced dancer. This workshop is two weeks long and includes classes on ballet technique, variations, pointe, a men’s class, partnering, modern, jazz, Pilates and choreography. Previous instructors include alumni who are presently performing professionally such as Lori Wilson, Bashaun Williams, Michael Burfield, Annie Martin, Bethany Lowrie and Kevin Hockenberry and renowned professionals such as Edward Truitt, Charmaine Hunter, Angela Davis, Willy Shives, Brad Beakes, Bradley Parquette, Jamy Meeks, Elizabeth Gillaspy, and Michelle Gifford.

We also offer a Dance Discovery Workshop for the beginning and younger aged dance student. This workshop includes classes such as ballet, jazz, stretching, and choreography/variation.

In addition to our summer workshops, throughout June and July, we also offer adult ballet classes, Pilates and Open classes for the Intermediate to advanced dancer.

Registration for the 2019 Summer Workshops will open in the Spring.

Sponsored by Betenbough Homes

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To Be Announced

Class attire available through Ballet Lubbock or Discount Dance. Similar leotard styles allowed, no unattached skirt.


To Be Announced